We often play as a five piece - vocal, guitar, drums, keys, bass. This suits many of our clients. Other clients are after something more such as percussion, horns, extra vocals. We are happy to tailor your event to suit you and so please do get in touch to discuss.
This varies depending on each event. As an example, we will often play two one-hour sets for weddings and one main set for corporate parties or festivals. We have extensive experience of what is likely to work best for your event and so we can discuss how best to tailor the music for your event.
Yes. Providing that we are using our own PA system, we are happy to arrange to play music through it at no extra charge. If you have a specific playlist in mind then we are also happy for you to bring an iPod to play through our PA system.
Again this varies depending on each event. Typically, the band will arrive at 6pm to set up and leave at midnight – this suits many of our clients. Other clients ask that we play longer or set up early and we are more than happy to tailor the timings so they are suitable for your occasion.
Yes. Providing that we are using our own PA system and have it set up in time, then we are more than happy for this to be used for speeches. If you do need an earlier set up time for use of our PA system, please let us know. We have a second PA system for those events where the speeches are in a difference area to the band space.

Often people forget about the need for wireless microphones for speeches and so if you would like us to hire wireless microphones for us, we can quote for this.
Yes, and we often do. We can provide piano, guitar etc for drinks receptions earlier in the day/evening before the band plays later on. Please let us know if this would suit your event.
Adequate Power Source: Please ensure that your event venue has an adequate power source. We require a supply of 5k watts, single phase. The band also requires you to supply two separate power drops eg two separate 13 amp sockets to which we can attach four way extension leads - this enables us to keep our lights and PA system on separate power sources.

Food: The band needs feeding! We ask that you provide each member of the band with a hot meal at your event, ideally no later than one hour before our first set is due to start. We are not being cheeky! We often start early to travel to events to set up and play long into the night and we need a hot meal in between!

Drink: Please provide 6 x 1 litre bottles of water for the band on stage. Bottle are better than glasses as they do not spill when knocked over on stage.

Access and changing area: We ask that you ensure there is suitable access for the band to bring in their sound equipment. The closer we can get out vehicles to the stage the better. If possible, it would be helpful if you could ensure there is a room for the band to change and to keep out of the way when not performing.
Sound limiters for some venues limit how loud the band can play, especially for our drums. We suggest that you contact your venue to confirm whether there is a sound limiter and for the size of the bands that have played at their previous events. If there is a sound limiter, we can then discuss this with you and talk you through your options.
We have a proven track record of reliability. In the fourteen years The Allstars have been playing at events, we have had to cancel on just one occasion. Our clients understood that despite our best efforts, the 1.5 metres of snow for 100 miles meant that we (or indeed their guests!) were going nowhere that evening. We have otherwise never cancelled a performance.
We take your event very seriously and always have a contingency plan in the event of any hiccups. We have an extensive list of talented musicians we can rely upon in the unlikely event that a problem arises. One example is when one of our guitarist’s wife was due to give birth on the date of an event...we arranged for another guitarist to be on standby in the event she went into labour. She didn’t and our client had an extra musician on the house!
Yes. We have public liability insurance with a liability cover of £5 million.
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The following information is helpful for a quote:

  • Date of your event
  • Your venue and location
  • Number of guests
  • Timings of your event
  • Extra horns, percussion, vocalists?
  • Hire of wireless microphone for your speeches?